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Accredited Diploma in Coach Training – (Part 1) 14th – 18th March (Part 2) 17th – 20th June 2015

Life Coaching – Business Coaching

Accredited by the Association for Coaching


Motivational Spring Donkey

Accredited Diploma in Coach Training Accredited by the Association For Coaching

With Coaching training we recognise that making the right choice is of paramount importance, as this may be a choice to develop yourself with a view to making a career change or even enhance what you offer already.


About Learning with Us?

Learning is a wonderful and natural process and with appropriate, meaningful and enjoyable tuition, you will be able to notice how you can use your skills immediately through useful and imaginative exercises as well as coursework designed to grow you further. We believe that if the process is a fun one, knowledge will be far easier to develop and you will be wanting to put it into practice as soon as possible.

You may be curious about other techniques and approaches used in the field of personal development and at Thoughtitude we are able to give you an appreciation of developing your skills across a wide range of fields.

What do I get from this course?

You get:
Great Training with Fun
Course Manuals
Practical Informal Assessments (no exams)
Certificate in Life Coaching
Peer Coaching
Coaching Supervision
All the skills to be a Life Coach
What will I learn?
You will learn about:
Definitions & differences between coaching, mentoring and therapy
Coaching Foundations
The Benefits of Coaching
Coaching Principles
Coaching Ethics
Coaching relationship – Development and Maintenance
The importance of Language
The importance of Listening
What’s Empathy all about?
Structure and framework for coaching
Coaching Models
Psychometrics in Coaching
Coaching Exercises
Feedback & FeedForward
Coaching Assignments
The Beginning, The Middle and The End
Face to Face Coaching
Group Coaching
Telephone/Skype Coaching
Setting up a coaching practice
Coaching Issues
What do I need to do to qualify?
You will need to:
Attend the 10 Days training

Practice Coaching sessions with peers (In Class)

Be Assessed on Coaching assignments in class (in Class)

Complete 40 hours of Coaching (these hours will be reduced if you have already completed coaching and I expect NLP Practitioners will have done, so we can discuss) (In Class and Skype, or Face to Face)

Complete 5 Home Funs

Have Fun