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Helen N. Sussex, HR Professional

NLP Practitioner Courses

‘I found this course excellent and life changing and now look forward to changing my approach to work and personal life’.

Gary W.  Production Manager, Kent

‘Mind Blowing!’

Sheila H.  Business Development Manager, Wales

June & Geoff

Excellent and I cannot imagine one without the other. You compliment each other in terms of strengths and approach.  Very good at helping a novice to understand and take on board some very new concepts.

Sheila H.  Business Development Manager, Wales

Very Well balanced training and trainers, complimenting each others styles to suit the group.

Gary W.  Production Manager, Kent

Think they are both Excellent and compliment each others skills/techniques/styles really well, providing a congruent approach at all times.

Ali F.  Therapist, Surrey

‘The course was amazing – I learnt so many fun, useful and interesting things,  I can’t wait to go out and practice it all and keep learning.  Definitely want to see both June and Geoff again and will be following the other courses running.

Daniela T, Marketing Professional, Surrey

‘Exceeded expectations, very practical exercises with relevant theory’

Fantastic trainers dripping with enthusiasm, energy and a really genuine wish for all the participants to be as happy and healthy as possible both within the course and forever after!
Chris P, Student of International Development and Psychology

‘The most Professionally delivered course I have ever attended.  I would easily recommend this course to anyone.’

‘Wonderful, fun, interesting and engaging.
Paul L, Sales, Brighton

Nothing short of fantastic!’

‘A highly engaging, absorbing, fun filled training event.  You absolutely won us over “Bring on the next course”!
Tom O,  Business Coach, Hampshire


‘I got so much more than I expected from both of you.  It did follow through well and with the ‘chunk up’ I really did see the bigger picture for my life and how to handle people and situtation, the strategy was the best.  Seeing in slow motion, bit by bit how I do things, that worked for me.  It was amazing and I learnt so much about me and I have so many questions now in my head and it will expand my brain even more to absorb like a sponge.
Rita S, Business Development Manager, London


‘The best course I have ever attended and would recommend anyone who feels they want a life changing experience, this course is for them’
Gill F, Therapist, Brighton


‘Very funny, warm, and felt comfortable, broached the sessions really well with funny stories, very genuine, very comforting.  It all just flowed from one story to one lesson.
Rita S, Business Development Manager, London


“June is an inspirational trainer.  I truly appreciated her enthusiasm and her openness.  I cannot begin to quantify how much I have learned from her both consciously and unconsciously (Yes I can read my unconscious mind !)
Minoo S, English Teacher, Rye


Amazing.  Loved the humour and rapport with the class. Very comforting, warm energy made it easy to lower the barriers (anxieties) and to learn.  Loved the variety of examples and experiences that were drawn from which definitely helped the learnings to make sense.

Daniela T, Marketing Professional, Surrey


“June is an exceptional trainer and so in tune with the people and material she trains. She has a real energy and brings life to the whole course. I feel lucky to have been trained by her.  It has been a fantastic week. Thank you.”
Phil R, L&D Consultant, Crawley


A high energetic person who is so motivational, funny, sincere and generous.  Very personable – you completely won me over!
Tom O, Business Coach, Hampshire


“Fantastic training. Exceptional, Loved her creative training ability and wonderful use of humour throughout. Her approach helped create the perfect conditions for my learning. I loved the organic way of teaching and felt stretched and challenged throughout. I feel I have so much more knowledge and skills of NLP.
Louise C, Tutor and Therapist, Bristol

Very good, I came with no idea what NLP (actually quite sceptical) was and have been impressed.

June and Geoff are excellent!

Jon M. IT Consultant, Twickenham

‘Bubbly, fun, informative.  A pleasure to spend a week with.
Paul L, Sales, Brighton.


‘Love the energy, enthusiasm and humour and especially the sincere, beautiful and generous desire to use these technologies to everyone voluntarily as well as professionally’
Chris P, Student of International Development and Psychology


“Wonderful, she eased me through many, many, changes and I now feel confident to help others do the same. This was FUN! And she squeezed a great deal of learning in while I was having fun.”
Linda M, Teacher,


“June this week has been brilliant – Thank you very much.  There were large parts of the week which will stay with me all of my life.”
Jeremy R, Retail Manager,


“June was fantastic at pacing the course, content and structure, to ensure we were learning not just at a conscious level but also at a deep unconscious level. It was great, a life changing experience.”
Karim S, Journalist,


‘A wonderful energising soul, infectious, Thank you.
Brigitte B, Having fun!, Hampshire


“Very insightful and lead the training excellently.  Also very flexible in the way training was delivered.


Excellent, I learnt a lot, 7 days went very fast and I found it very helpful.”
James R, Accountant, Southampton


“Amazing so much fun and nurturing.  She made me feel that there could be no mistakes or wrong answers.”
Nikki B, Occupational Therapist, Portsmouth


“I loved her sense of fun and creativity and spontaneous style, and the way the learning’s were woven into the many funny happy stories.  A lovely way to learn without realizing it!Really enjoyed it – Fun and great material”
C. P, IT Hove


“June was able to explain things I was a bit confused about, she was able to turn my light on !”
Geraldine Lay, Reflexologist


“Extremely helpful and engenders a sense of pragmatism to the whole training environment.”
Christine Connor, Civil Servant

“Lovely personality & very kind and helpful.”
Karen Funnell, Senior Personnel Adviser


“Bright, very keen uses lively examples & fun.”
Jo Bellm, District Nurse


“Great support, and solid practical advice.”
Angie Brayshaw, Director


“June is amazing! She was really able to captivate my attention and help me to understand the concepts. I found her comments and feedback during the group work extremely useful.”
Marisa Findlay, Complementary Therapist

‘Brilliant Day!  I was very tired at the start of the course but at the end of it I feel really relaxed and energised/Inspired.

Sabine K, West London, Singer/Actress/Songwriter

‘Worked brilliantly as a team with lots of light bulb moments.  Very intune with each other and delegates’

Penny M, Sussex, Sales Director

‘Very positive and I am now looking forward to mastering NLP skills’

Davina B, Copthorne, Banker

‘Very worthwhile and inspiring’

Rainer G, West London, Occupational Therapist/Manager

A very good Introduction to NLP’

Liz H, Reigate, Local Government Officer

‘Good value and Introduction to NLP’

Natasha G, Haslemere, Surrey, Tai Chi Instructor

‘Lovely relaxed Day’

Jacqui H, Crawley, Holistic Therapist

‘Really enjoyed it.  I’ve done an NLP Practitioner Course before and today I learnt several new useful techniques.

Danny S, Crawley, Chiropractor

‘Very Interesting and helpful’

Christina, Sussex, Bank Staff

‘A Fantastic Intro to NLP’

Jackie W, Sussex, Project Manager

‘An Excellent Day and my favourite parts were the visible changes I could see when June demonstrated techniques on students.

Mike W. Burgess Hill, Director

‘Excellent Day and looking forward to the NLP Course.’